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Common Sense......, February 6, 2013

If you comment on what you've been TOLD was the "Spygate" incident, and you haven't read this book, you are most likely a fool. But one who's been very useful to the Patriots, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Roger Goodell, and ERNIE ADAMS. If you're one of those NFL fans that's been trained like a dog to bark "GENIUS!" at the mention of Belichick's name, and you insist on worshipping someone, do yourself a favor and read this book so you understand who ERNIE ADAMS is; and what he's accomplished. Also, after you read this book you'll marvel at the power of the media and it's ability to shape public opinion. 'Spygate' has been labeled "The most overblown scandal in sports history", read this book and find out why THAT is truly 'genius'.

Tommy L,
Say It Ain't So (5 Stars)
I am a long time Patriots fan, but have to admit that the author presents some damning evidence here that makes me mortally disappointed in the team. While I do think some of the author's theories are pushing the limits of reasonableness, I think there are lots of other salient points made that have me thinking there is a lot of tarnish on the Pats' super bowl wins.

Baseball Pete,
I just read your book cover to cover in 2 afternoons. Not a football or sports fan but I was hooked from the first few pages. No doubt anyone who has read it is giving you high praise. Interesting, fun read and the way you laid out the facts and connections was fun and compelling to say the least. It must have been fun to unearth and unravel all the pieces. I was impressed, and no doubt this book has legs… it will have an impact, a large one for sure. Clearly you’re upsetting the apple cart on billions of dollars. Well done.
Rick C.,
A truly fantastic read! Enthralling, surprising and insightful. If you're an NFL fanatic like me then this is a must-read.
J. Smith,
Intriguing Book, February 18, 2013

Very informative book. It is interesting to the curious football fan. I will recommend the book to my son who loves intrigue, plot solving, and football (I guess it would help if you dislike the Patriots)

William Brockmoller,
I just finished Spygate: The Untold Story yesterday. My husband ordered this book, and I, as an uninvolved sports fan, picked this up yesterday morning. I absolutely loved it. I read it from start to finish in less than one day. It read as an espionage-type thriller. It was captivating and drew me in immediately. I learned more about the NFL from this book than I had while living with my husband and two sons. I could not recommend this book enough for sports fans, but also, for casual readers as well.
Jennifer B.,
Through an Officers eyes, January 14, 2013
As a Police Officer and an avid NFL fan, after reading Mr. O'Leary's book "Spygate The Untold Story," objectively analyzing all the facts and subjective assumptions, it is my opinion that an advanced cheating system is still in place within the National Football League. Not only does Mr. O'Leary support his work with both facts and statistics, he provides an excellent investigative narrative of this alleged "crime." O'Leary then arranged his drudgery in a manner that is easy to read and understand. "Spygate The Untold Story" is a must read for every NFL fan who has an unbiased opinion of Spygate. I myself would be interested to see what a member of The Grand Jury would do after reading, "Spygate The Untold Story".

I though the book was great. My wife actually read it and she is not a huge NFL fan.

I am a huge football fan and was fascinated how many things i did not know about this scandal. That is the interesting part. I ended up reading a lot of the sourced articles (they are public record) and am shocked that at minimum more of this was not dug into further by the NFL or more importantly, the reporters.

I read some Pats fans reviews and although I am not a Pats fan I still think (even after reading) that they were still a great team and Tom Brady is a great QB however that doesn’t take away the fact that they had an edge. Why invest so much in a system that doesn’t give you any advantage? Why try to do it against a friend (Mangini) who knows you are doing it if it doesn’t help? For example, I don’t think too many people would take steroids if they didn’t help, what would be the purpose.

Really enjoyed reading through this one. The book covers a lot of details not widely covered by the media and lets you conclude for yourself what exactly happened with Spygate. Great read if you're an NFL fan.
Author did the research, well written, February 12, 2013
You can tell it is well researched, great information and quotes about Ernie Adams, Belichick and Brady. A must read if U are a New England Fan or not.

Alax Martin,
Solid Case, Solid Read, Solid Book - Let There be Light on the Truth!, February 13, 2013
Every NFL fan who cares about the integrity of the game should read this book. Even if you are not an NFL fan, one will appreciate the author's effort and perseverance to make a compelling case to find out the truth. The book flows naturally, logically and progressively. Through collaborative evidence presented in a clear and concise manner, this book will challenge your view of the entire spygate scandal and allow you to draw your own conclusion.

Mr. O'Leary has done a fantastic job in exposing the entire scandal from top to bottom, inside-out in a goal of finding out the real story. Every person that was negatively affected directly or indirectly by the scandal has the right to know what really happened in its entirety. Superbowls are the peak of an NFL team's greatest accomplishment, if this was earned by cheating, a thorough investigation should have been done. Unfortunately, a thorough investigation was not done, but this book does as much as it can to compensate for the failure to properly investigate one of the biggest scandals in sports history. Highly Recommended!

Oliver Obagi,
Wow!, January 14, 2013

A thought provoking read! I never really understood the real issues behind Spygate before reading this book. This book presents in terms that any fan can understand and let's the reader draw his/her own conclusions. As a lifelong Steelers fan, I find it hard to listen to Patriots fans when they claim "sour grapes" whenever I bring up Spygate. Now armed with this informative book, future discussions of the topic will be a little more interesting. In fact, I swore to my bride ( a Patriots fan) that I will never bring up the subject again if she will agree to read this book. She plans on doing so.
I'm going to have a more difficult time getting my sixteen year old daughter to take down her Tom Brady Fathead from her wall...

Marc Davis,
If you ever questioned the legitimacy of the Patriots, you must read this book. The cheating went well beyond what most fans realize. The NFL covered up the incident.
Steven Coppel,
I thought this book was a very good read; it was so interesting I read it overnight. The author definitely has a point of view, and would probably have done a little better if he was more objective. However, that does not take away the power of his arguments. I thought the most compelling section of the book was his interview with the professional Las Vegas odds-maker. Those guys make a living out of the gambling business, and his statements on the odds of the New England Patriots' success were very strong. I definitely would recommend this book to the average NFL fan.
Mark W.,
This book I bought with little intention of thinking this was going to reflect on the whole league. I thought it was just a anti-Patriots book talking smack about how they are garbage and how they only won because they cheated, but this book goes into intricate detail about how exactly they did it, their system they used, and how the whole league covered it up. It should have been a WAY bigger deal than was advertised by the media and the NFL owners/commish. This piece of work really opened my eyes into how people cover up flaws successfully even in a multi-billion dollar company. Blew my mind. Thank you Brian for showing the world the truth of the business.